Inflatable Waterslides & Obstacle Courses

Looking to rent inflatable waterslides or wet obstacle courses for your next event? 

We have over 60 different water inflatables to choose from! Plus, a variety of wet obstacle courses to run and play on.

Choose Your Waterslides or Wet Obstacle Courses

If you’re looking for waterslide rentals for your next event, check out the wide variety of wet inflatables we offer. There’s inflatables with multiple slides, single slides, obstacle courses, and bounce houses attached! 

When the temperature rises the only way to cool down your event is with our waterslides. Sometimes you need a water slide to cool off attendees of your event! Below you can find our inventory of waterslide rentals. There’s everything from small kids waterslides to large inflatable waterslides with racing lanes.

We have water obstacles in 35 ft, 40ft, and 48 feet long. Many of our obstacle courses also include inflatable slides and/or waterslides. 

Every waterslide and obstacle course listed below is an ALL DAY rental, so you can enjoy them throughout your event.. This means you pay once price to rent inflatables for an entire day – no more time limits! Once you find the attractions you’d like to rent, please contact our team to schedule your rental.